Allen Stock's bio... & The Evaluation Process

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Our evaluation process:

  • Starts with a free initial consultation to determine the particular areas of concern
  • Previous testing is reviewed
  • A comprehensive developmental history is obtained
  • Standardized tests are chosen and administered based on the needs of the student and referral question
  • Co-lateral information is obtained from teachers, physicians, relatives or other care givers and integrated into the evaluation.
  • A feedback session is held to share results, impressions and develop an improvement plan
  • A facilitation of referral to support professionals is completed where necessary
  • A written report is finalized and provided to the student and family.
  • Follow up appointments are scheduled as needed to monitor progress
  • Referrals to other professionals are facilitated.

Psychological Assessment Services was founded in 2007 by Allen Stock.

Allen Stock, MA, is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in providing psychological assessments. His background includes experience in a
variety of clinical settings, consulting/training, management/leadership/clinical supervision, public school education and post-secondary instruction. 

Since 2007, Allen has specialized in neurocognitive and diagnostic assessment of children, adolescents and adults. Allen works with clients who have a variety of conditions including: ADHD, learning disorders/disabilities, mood disorders (like depression or anxiety), memory and executive function deficits, emotional and behavioral issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury and chronic/persistent mental illness.

Allen is a life-long resident of the Twin Cities.  He has worked as a mental health professional in the Twin Cities since 1986 (LP since 1992). Allen has conducted assessments in clinical and academic (k-12 and post-secondary) settings, for forensic purposes and in correctional facilities throughout Minnesota. Allen works in collaboration with all concerned parties to formulate a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.  

Our mission is help individuals achieve to their potential. To schedule an appointment, please call: 612-799-6263